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[Mwave Exclusive] Mwave Interview of Apink!


So we’ve noticed that since this comeback we’ve been bombarded with a bunch of questions in regards to Chorong’s weight loss. (Not just from this person(s), from many before). However, we’ve both agreed that after this we will no longer be replying to any questions in regards to her weight, no matter the intention. Yes, Chorong lost weight, yes she looks beautiful, yes she wasn’t that fat to begin with etc. etc. However, as fans, so long as she’s happy and healthy, we’re not really keen on further discussing this topic because to be honest, there’s nothing to discuss that hasn’t already been explained in news articles if you’ve read them.

She explained that she lost the weight by herself, she did it over their 1+ year hiatus, she lost it slowly and healthily. 

Park Chorong explained “Honestly from the time of my debut, my company mentioned dieting a lot. So it was actually harder to lose weight. There was a burden, and because they told me not to eat, I wanted to eat even more. But this time our company didn’t tell me ‘You need to lose weight’. But we packed and ate our own lunches and lost weight without any stress.” credit

"Can you post a before and after photo of Chorong losing weight?"

No. I don’t want to be mean, we’re not running a weight loss blog, we don’t need/want to do a comparison post. You can go look through the archives and compare them yourself if you want to.

In addition, regarding to personal questions about Chorong~ We really know about Chorong as much as you guys do. We get our answers from pictures, media, articles… If you have basic questions about Chorong’s life, (ex. middle school name, celeb friends) if there are resources and actual evidence, we’ll gladly help you find the answers. Otherwise, anything about her personal life, (past bf, favourite subject in school) we will have no idea about, so please try to avoid asking us these types of questions, because we will simply answer, IDK.

FYC is a blog dedicated to the singer and leader of A-Pink’s Park Chorong, we’re much more invested in her activities/career as leader, singer and potential actress than all the little things like her weight loss.